Hardaway-Dalton Point

Hardaway-Dalton Point
Triangular Hardaway-Dalton point (10,500 - 9,000 B.P.) made of grey rhyolite with a deeply concave base and a lot of retouching on the blade and tip.
Early points were used on spears, the preferred hunting weapon of choice for thousands of years. In the Americas they are usually long and lanceolate shaped (leaf-shaped), and they are the precursor to many other types of triangular points made later. One of the earliest points found at the Eel River Site is this Hardaway-Dalton point, although it is not lanceolate in shape. It has evidence of being re-worked on the sides, indicating it was used enough to become worn down and was then re-sharpened for continued use.
Object ID
Stone, Rhyolite
Weight and Dimensions
37x25x6 mm
Field Collection Date

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