Neville Point

Neville Point
Neville point (7,000-6,000 BP) with broken tip, upward curving shoulders, and flat base made out of fine-grained grey rhyolite.
During the Archaic Period, the Wampanoag created many new varities of points that reflect the changes in resource production and hunting. They replaced the long, lanceolate blades of the Paleoindian period with smaller triangular points, and stemmed and notched-type points became common as smaller mammals were hunted. This Neville point is a stemmed-type projectile point, as well as the Squibnocket Stemmed points pictured to the right. In the 1990s, this Neville point was recognized as the oldest artifact from the Eel River site, until the Hardway-Dalton point was identified in 2019. Both the Neville point and these Squibnocket Stemmed points are made of stones local to what is now present-day Massachusetts.
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Stone, Rhyolite
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