Kettle Foot

Kettle Foot
Rounded cast iron kettle foot with one flattened site.
Europeans not only brought new animals, plants, and foods with them to the Americas, but also new methods of cooking. The Wampanoag and other Indigenous groups adopted some of these new things into their daily lives, like metal kettles. Daniel Gookin, for example, describes the switch from clay cooking pots to metal ones, just as the Wampanoag had switched from stone to ceramic vessels in the past: “The pot they seethe their food in, which were heretofore, and yet are, in use among some of them, are made of clay or earth, almost in the form of an egg, the top taken off, but now they generally get kettles of brass, copper, or iron. These they find more lasting than those made of clay, which were subject to be broken, and the clay or earth they were made of was very scarce and dear” (1674).
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Metal, Iron
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